An Automated Entrata KPI Scorecard

We built the RentViewer Entrata connector in collaboration with a client  Our client was  looking to automate the process for updating their Excel-based KPI scorecard (this is the “Entrata KPI scorecard” project mentioned elsewhere on this site).

The scorecard was being manually updated each week by running multiple reports for 10 properties. This was time consuming, and subject to data entry errors.

Now, the client’s Entrata KPI scorecard is updated automatically each week.


Reports Pulled from Entrata API

We wrote C# code and extended RentViewer to connect with the Entrata API and pull  these reports:

  • P&L Budget vs Actual
  • Box Score
  • Resident Retention

Solution Architecture

On a scheduled basis, RentVIewer connects to the client’s Entrata API, runs the required reports for each of the properties, and saves the data into the Data Warehouse. We use a  “data connection” within Excel to pull the Entrata data directly into the scorecard.

The diagram below shows the components of this solution for an Entrata scorecard.


The book displayed in the above diagram is “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” with Gino Wickman. This book provided the framework for setting up the Entrata KPI scorecard that our client wanted to automate.

Are you interested in a custom-built KPI scorecard to keep an eye on the key metrics? Give us a call!

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