Name: Greg Rothermel

Company: Nustyle

Title: VP Asset Management

Project Description:

  1. Supply-Demand Management: Calculating demand by analyzing guest cards, and calculating supply by looking at leases ending and notices to terminate, and
  2. Rent Roll Analysis (for Rent Optimization): Looking for opportunities to optimize rents across multiple residential buildings in the same downtown area.
What does your company do? (portfolio type, geography, market segment, strategic focus etc.)

We are a apartment management company with 12 buildings and 2,600 apartment units under management.  We are based in Omaha and most of our apartments are market rate apartments. 

Why did you engage Metric-X?

 We engaged Metric-X in October of 2019 

Can you share examples of the benefits you are seeing from your work with Metric-X? (Rent Roll Analysis)

Our ability to review our metrics across our portfolio including rent per unit type per building as well as lease end dates and turn overcoming for our maintenance staff has greatly benefited from the work with Metric-X

Can you share examples of the benefits you are seeing from your work with Metric-X? (Competition Analysis)

 We have reviewed our portfolio of apartments and the rents they are getting per unit and per building and adjusted prices and including our competitive set data in this analysis has greatly helped. 

Would you recommend Metric-X to other companies?

We would definitely recommend Metric-X!  They have been responsive and have adapted the data to how we need to view and based on the action items we need to attain from our Rent Roll reports.

Name: Allie Newell

Company: Sola Salon Studios

Title: Data Analyst

Project Description:

Sola Salon Studios uses RentViewer Enterprise. Metric-X manages Sola’s data warehouse and provides analytics strategy and analytics support.

What does your company do?

We provide beauty professionals with high-end, fully-equipped salon studios.  

Why did you engage Metric-X?

We engaged with Metric-X to advance our analytical capabilities, identify KPIs, and benchmark success for both corporate and franchised locations. Metric-X assists with the ETL process for our data warehouse, maintains the data warehouse, and assists with analysis challenges. They also provide some pre-built dashboards that are helpful for property management-related metrics.  

Can you share examples of the benefits you are seeing from your work with Metric-X?
  • Pre-built dashboards 
  • Knowledgeable source for Tableau questions, support, or challenges 
  • Data warehouse maintenance  
  • Takes time to understand the operations of our company to better assist with problem solving  
  • We have access to better insight for unit performance, operational and financial 
  • Assisted with definitions for consistency across organization 
  • Assisted with data manipulation / work-arounds to make imperfect data useful 
Would you recommend Metric-X to other companies?

I would recommend Metric-X to other companies, they offer a broad range of services. Our organization started using Metric-X to analyze our data and as our in-house capabilities have advanced, we moved to the RentViewer Enterprise services. Metric-X has been instrumental in assisting with problem solving, answering questions about Tableau, and advancing our analytical capabilities. 

Name: Nancy Volante

Company: Virginia Green Lawncare

Title: Chief Financial Officer

Project Description:

Virginia Green wanted to invest in KPI dashboards for their departments. They wanted help understanding technology options, costs, and the effort involved in achieving their goals. They signed up for Metric-X’s Analytics Visioning Workshop

Why did you engage Metric-X?

Of the firms we interviewed, Metric-X had the most comprehensive plan to ensure our company understood all the requirements and costs involved with implementing dashboards.

Can you share examples of the benefits you are seeing from your work with Metric-X?

 The benefit of working with Metric-X is their methodology ensures you know upfront what you desire  out of a dashboard system.  Along with identifying your needs, Metric-X also ensures its clients understand the staff commitment needed as well as financial commitments.  He made sure we had realistic expectations. 

Would you recommend Metric-X to other companies?

Wholeheartedly.  The process was a step-by-step roadmap showing  us how we would get from a conceptual dashboard environment to working dashboards. It was a way for both Metric-X and us to have the same expectations and to understand the cost and final results.