Rent Manager Dashboard

Order an Entrata Dashboard

If you want to see your Rent Manager data in visual charts, you have come to the right place!

RentViewer is an “Integration Partner” of Rent Manager. We can pull data directly via the Rent Manager API.

Most of the dashboards displayed on the catalog page have been are based on data extracted from the Rent Manager API.

Activate RentViewer from within Rent Manager

As a Rent Manager partner, you can connect to us via Rent Manager directly if you decide to work with us. This page shows you the steps for activating RentViewer from within Rent Manager: Rent Manager API Activation

For ideas, look at our catalog. Don’t see the exact visualizations you want? No problem, we can custom-build one for you.

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Executive Dashboard for RentViewer

Watch this video overview of the capabilities available to companies that use Rent Manager. Also learn how to activate RentViewer from within Rent Manager.

Dashboard Architecture

We connect to your Rent Manager database through Rent Manager’s API.

We pull that data into a centralized data warehouse that allows us to build custom reports and dashboards in tools such as Power BI and Tableau. We maintain the data warehouse to make sure that your data is secure, accurate, and updated automatically.

We take care of everything on the back-end so you can focus on using your data to improve your business.

Got any questions? Call (248)601-6400, email, or book a meeting.