We Are Here to Help Real Estate Companies Manage Their Business Better

With the right data, software, processes and support

Why We Do What We Do

Too many real estate owner operators have a difficult time tracking key metrics such as lead conversion ratios, leasing velocity, economic occupancy and more.

These companies have talented analysts working hard to analyze data and provide insights to the leadership team. However, these individuals spend way too much time in Excel doing low-value work such as importing data and manually creating reports. Their contributions can be exponentially multiplied with RentViewer.

An investment in RentViewer is an investment in the productivity and career growth of your finance analysts, asset management analysts and operations analysts.

Meet Saad Shah

Let’s move you out of the world of Excel reporting

You shouldn’t have to sift through complicated
spreadsheets to find the answers you need.

I started Metric-X, a data and analytics software company, about 20 years ago. Metric-X builds data warehouses and writes custom software for companies in many industries. Such custom work has provided valuable experience and also enabled us to create a lot of code for building and monitoring data warehouses.

Working with companies such as Taubman, we identified a need across real estate management companies. And that’s how RentViewer was born.

While property management systems such as Yardi and Rent Manager contain a lot of pre-built reports, many companies are still exporting data to Excel and manually creating the reports they need.

When you work with us, you’ll get step-by-step guidance for organizing your data and tracking your metrics.

We will set up a data warehouse for you and build out the custom metrics and dashboards you need to execute your strategy.

And most importantly, we will help you utilize the talents of your data analysts in the most productive way.

If having visibility across your portfolio is elusive because you are dependent on Excel … we are here for you!


What Clients Are Saying

“Our expectations were exceeded. Visualizing the data gives a better understanding of overall performance, identifying trends, and making certain predictions.

The reports are user friendly and easy to understand even if you are not familiar with the analysis processes. “

Alisa Gelfand

Asset Management and Financial Analyst, GY Properties

“Our ability to review our metrics across our portfolio including rent per unit type per building as well as lease end dates and turn over coming for our maintenance staff has greatly benefited from RentViewer.”
Greg Rothermel

VP of Asset Management, NuStyle Development

“We spent several months working with various other companies who could not solve our issues, so ultimately finding RentViewer and working with them was a breath of fresh air. They helped us to find solutions and executed something fantastic.”
Sandy Murray

VP of Marketing, Beach Front Property Management