Real Estate Analytics

Demo Videos

Expense Analysis Demo


What if you could drill into your General Ledger transactions and easily look for trends, outliers and unusual activity? In this video, we demonstrate a solution used for analyzing expenses. We loaded General Ledger transaction data from Rent Manager, and developed the analytics front-end in Tableau.

Budget vs Actual Demo


See how you can quickly spot variances between Budget and Actual across your property management portfolio, and then drill down to the transaction level.

Market Rent Analysis 


Visually analyze the variances between Market Rent and Lease Rent for any property and group of properties. Use combinations of scatter plots, Gantt charts, and simple tables to see if you are leaving any money on the table and getting close to Gross Potential Rent.

Rent Roll Analysis


Your rent roll contains a lot of information useful for rent optimization, competitive analysis and planning your marketing and unit turnover activities.
In this demo, we analyze rent roll data for a multfamily portfolio of 2000 units using Tableau.

Work Order Analytics


Analyze service tickets / work orders to see opportunities for improving service quality, forecasting types of the maintenance request. 

Delinquency Analysis


This demo shows ways to reduce receivables and reduce bad debt by analyzing collection efficiency, tenant payment patterns, delinquent accounts. Also compare collection efficiency of your properties.