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When it comes to data integration, Appfolio is a fairly “closed” system. It is not simple to keep an external Appfolio dashboard constantly refreshed with data.


Keeping an Appfolio Dashboard Fresh (without an API)

Dashboards that are kept fresh automatically usually pull data from the property management system via its API. However, Appfolio does not offer an open API for accessing the property management data in the system. So, how do we keep an external Appfolio dashboard fresh?

The only way we know of for extracting data from Appfolio is by exporting reports to Excel.

This isn’t as bad as it sounds. There usually isn’t much recurring manual work once the data prep work is done.

The good thing is that Appfolio reports can be scheduled to be emailed to an email address. We can then parse the CSV files and refresh the dashboards.

So, this is how we get around the limitation of Appfolio not having an open API.


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Our Appfolio Projects

Below are examples of the analytics work we have done with Appfolio data.

Rent Roll Analytics Demo:

This demo is based on a project we did for a company that uses Appfolio: Watch Rent Roll Demo 


 Leasing Velocity Project:

We worked with a multifamily owner operator that uses Appfolio on “leasing velocity”. We pulled the Guest Card data to analyze the desired move-in dates and number of bedrooms that prospects were inquiring about.

We compared this to the Move In / Move Out report to match the supply and demand. Read more about this on the Case Studies page at Leasing Velocity Project

Interested in a Quote for a Power BI Appfolio Dashboard?

We can provide you a cost estimate for an Appfolio dashboard built using Power BI by asking a few questions:

  1. Which metrics do you want to display on your dashboard?
  2. Is all the data for these metrics already in Appfolio?
  3. Which reports do you run today to get these metrics?
  4. How frequently do you want to refresh your dashboard (real-time, daily, weekly, monthly …)?

If you are interested in having your data display in Klipfolio or Tableau, the pricing information will be somewhat different.

View our catalog of pre-built dashboards for ideas and inspiration!