Order a Custom Real Estate Dashboard

You already know which metrics you want to see in your custom real estate dashboard. Now, let’s build it together!

On this page we describe our five step process for building a custom real estate dashboard. We build dashboards in Power BI, Tableau and Klipfolio. We can automate the data refresh from systems such as Entrata, Rent Manager, Yardi, Appfolio, QuickBooks and more.

The 5 Step Process to Build a Custom Real Estate Dashboard

The 5 Step Process to Build a Custom Real Estate Dashboard
Step 1 Idea


Goal: To understand your goals and provide rough cost estimates for achieving those goals.

We will also discuss:

  • Audience for the dashboard
  • Questions the dashboard should answer
  • Metrics and sources of data
  • Timeframe for launch
  • Preference for Own vs Rent
  • Preference for visualization tool (Power Bi or Tableau)
  • Clarity on scope and features
  • Cost estimates for construction and operation

Download our Free Metrics Handbook

The handbook lists over 100 metrics that can be used for measuring the effectiveness of your property management processes.

Step 2 Blueprint


Goal: To create specifications for your custom dashboard and provide you an accurate quote.

We will define:

  • Metric Definitions and Calculations
  • Visual Design
  • Technical Design
  • Data Source Design
  • Price Quote

* Note: The Blueprint is a paid engagement.

Step 2 Data Source
Step 2 Real Estate Custom Dashboard Sketch
Step 2 Specify Metrics

Select the data source

Sketch the dashboard

Specify the metrics

Step 3 Build


Goal: To build a functioning, interactive dashboard(s) that can be automatically refreshed with latest data.

Work done in this phase includes:

  • Write the formulas for the metrics and calculations
  • Create the visual elements of the dashboards (charts, filters and the interactivity between all the tiles)
  • Design the data source for the dashboards
  • Build the process for pulling data from the source systems and automating the data refresh
  • Load the initial data set
  • Run the refresh several times and tune the speed
  • Get clarifications on the requirements and features
Real Estate Custom Dashboard Step 4

Decide how to get data into dashboard

Step 4 Test


Goal: To confirm that the dashboard is displaying the metrics accurately and is getting refreshed as per schedule.

The steps in this stage are:

  • Decide pass/fail criteria
  • Compare data in dashboard to data in reports
  • Log data validation results
  • Compile evidence of testing
Real Estate Custom Dashboard Examples

Compare numbers in report to the numbers in the dashboard

Step 5 Launch


Goal: To have you and your team start using your custom built dashboard.

The final steps before implementing your newly built custom real estate dashboards are:

  • Install software in production environment
  • Train the users
  • Setup Help Desk
  • Get User Licenses
  • Setup Security
  • Begin Warranty Period
Real Estate Custom Dashboard Power BI Workspace 1
Real Estate Custom Dashboard Power BI Workspace 2

Set up user licenses and permissions

Ready to start building your custom dashboard?