Use our real estate analytics dashboards and reports to drive NOI and long-term value 

These RentViewer users are driving their business plans with good data and metrics

Seriously, is exporting to Excel and manually tracking numbers the right way to grow your portfolio?

Manual methods of compiling scorecards and reports are prone to error, and can do as much harm as good.

Use RentViewer to automate the data flow and visualize your metrics.

Use the power of charts and dashboards to operate smarter.

Common Problems That RentViewer can Solve

Important KPI and ratios are too hard to track

Does updating your weekly scorecard involve exporting 5 reports for 10 properties, and manually typing the numbers into the scorecard? 

Many companies don’t track important ratios and KPIs because it is too time consuming to keep updating them.

RentViewer makes it easy to update your metrics so that each team member knows how they are doing.

Calculating something as important as Net Cash Flow takes hours

Imagine having to run reports for each property to look up operating income, operating expense, mortgage payments, replacement reserves and distributions.

And then entering numbers into a complicated Excel file with VLOOKUPS and external links. 

There’s a simpler way with RentViewer. In fact, just one click.

Excel everywhere

Where are the proformas and deal underwriting assumptions? How do you know if the assets are performing according to plan?

Each time an investor or partner asks these questions, there is a scramble to find the right file and look up numbers.

RentViewer makes it easy to compare actuals to proformas and alternative underwriting scenarios.

Having to run reports each time there is a question

Questions like these come up all the time:

  • Is the ad you paid for last month generating good traffic?
  • Is the number of applications submitted so far less than last month?
  • It’s the fifth day of the month … which properties have collections under 90%?
  • How many move outs do we need to be ready for next week?

How long does it take to get the answers? And what about the follow-up questions to the first one? Use RentViewer to mine your data and have the answers ready.

Complicated Spreadsheets

Valuable data is stored complicated spreadsheets, thereby creating risk

Increases the chances of using the wrong file

Mistakes in formulas could perpetuate errors

Rolling up numbers for property groups is difficult

Our clients need to create groupings by fund, asset class, geography and more. They want to roll up the totals and averages. Doing this is harder for them than it sounds.

RentViewer simplifies all rollups and groupings.

Didn’t’ catch over/under budget income and expenses

The numbers are all there in the “Budget Comparison Report”. In fact, there are too many numbers and so the critical information doesn’t jump out.

Information that needs to be acted upon gets missed in the sea of rows and columns.

The Budget vs Actual review should be done with visual charts that highlight variances. RentViewer is visual.

Getting blindsided by surprises

Operating in fire-fighting mode gets tiring. Having to wait until month close to learn about problems that could have been prevented earlier is not a good place to be. Lack of useful, quality data is usually due to the effort it takes to run reports and compile the numbers.

RentViewer makes leading indicators visible and up-to-date so that you can be proactive.


The cost of maintaining the status quo is much greater than the investment in better data and tools.

The status quo is costing you:

Lost opportunities

Limited growth potential

Wasted time that could be spent strategizing and improving processes

Paying for multiple “temporary” solutions to fill the gaps

Lack of agility and quick decision making

Making decisions without good data

What if you had a tool that could easily tell you if your occupancy, delinquency, NOI etc. are on or off target?

And it could easily show you patterns in late collections, over-budget unit turns, and leads  that don’t convert?


Stay on Plan

You have a business plan. You have objectives. You have targets.

Are you on track? 

How much over or under goal is your cumulative NOI?

If you can’t easily get the answers to such questions, you need RentViewer.

  • Automatically track variances between actual performance and the business plan targets
  • Compare actuals with proformas and the original deal underwriting assumptions

Plug the Leaks

When leads don’t get converted to leases.

When rent goes uncollected for weeks.

When units stay vacant too long.

When unit turn takes too long and costs too much ….

You have a problem, The business is leaking time, money and your employees’ energy.

With RentViewer, you can …

See where every dollar is going (marketing, leasing, maintenance, overhead, collections, vacancy loss etc.),

Easily look at trends, ratios and benchmarks.

And decide how to drive better NOI

Protect Blindspots

What if you found yourself in a cash flow crunch?

Or you started seeing negative online reviews?

Or vacancy was way more than you expected?

Or collections fell way below target?

These things don’t just happen.

You can see them coming if you have your ear to the ground.

RentViewer can help you.

RentViewer contains modules for:

  • General Ledger analytics
  • Box Score analytics,
  • Service Ticket analytics
  • Rent Roll analytics ..

… and more to help you find ways to improve outcomes and spend money wisely.


Integrates With Your Favorite Platform


“Our corporate office now has KPIs displaying on monitors across our walls, and all employees can easily view their metrics as well as other team members’ metrics for radical transparency”


“Our ability to review our metrics across our portfolio including rent per unit type per building as well as lease end dates and turn over coming for our maintenance staff has greatly benefited from RentViewer”



We make it easy to take the first step with data analytics.

Our introductory offer is designed to ensure that:

  • You get hands-on experience with analytics
  • You see tangible value within hours (“fast ROI”)

We will drill down into your General Ledger data to find opportunities to control expenses.

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