Track Vacancy, Delinquency, NOI, Cash and other important metrics

Our dashboards and scorecards make it easy to keep an eye on the metrics that matter. So you have time to take care of your tenants, employees and investors.

Create These Outcomes

Happy Tenants

Provide a consistent, predictable tenant experience due to well-executed business processes.

Happy Employees

Employees know the metrics they are responsible for and have tools to track how they are doing.

Happy Investors

Keep investors informed. Deliver predictable performance.


Get RentViewer

Here are four ways you can harness the power of RentViewer for property management analytics

Get a Pre-Built Module

Order one of our pre-built dashboards or analytics workbooks. Browse the catalog and choose from a variety of Financial, Operational metrics.

Let Us Analyze Your Data

Want to really understand delinquency, loss to lease, expenses and more? We can drill into your data and visualize patterns and trends. Bring your data, theories and questions.

Order a Custom Module

Do you have unique metrics you want to track? We can build you customized dashboards and scorecards. And calculate metrics your way.

RentViewer Enterprise

RentViewer Enterprise is for larger property management companies that want  an “analytics department” to ensure their teams have the right metrics, clean data, and the ability to do drill-down data analytics.

How it Works

There are three main parts of RentViewer: 1. Connectors to your systems, 2. A database containing your data, and 3. The modules that display your metrics and drill into your data.

The modules are developed in Tableau. The modular design gives you the flexibility to start off with only basic metrics and later expand to more sophisticated data visualization and analytics.

Free Download
Property Management Metrics Handbook

The Property Management Metrics Handbook contains over 100 metrics for financial and operational performance management.  Download your free copy.

Why RentViewer

Proactive Leadership

Always know how you are doing by having leading and lagging indicators constantly visible. Make course-corrections quickly. Avoid surprises at month-end.


Spend less time compiling your metrics. RentViewer pulls data from systems, calculates the metrics and displays them. For all your properties.

No “Export to Excel”

In most cases, we can connect directly to your systems and extract data. No need to export data to Excel and manually create your scorecards.

Visual, Graphical

Pictures tell a better story. RentViewer lets you visualize trends, outliers, and variances.

Industry Best Practices

Our pre-built dashboards contain ratios and calculations taught to members or organizations such as NAA and NARPM.

Data Security

Reduce risk by taking valuable data out of complicated spreadsheets and putting it in a centralized database.

Process Improvement Toolkit
Create Systems for Scaling Your Property Management Business

The Property Management Process Improvement Toolkit consists of customizable templates for defining your processes, selecting metrics and creating an improvement plan.


What Our Customers Are Saying

We have worked with Metric-X since 2012. They developed and maintain our Parking Management software that integrates with Rent Manager. Their quality of work and turnaround time are outstanding. I highly recommend Metric-X.

Rick McGuirk

General Manager, United Apartments

We had a massive amount of data and no way to organize and analyze it. Metric-X took our data, scrubbed it and gave us some surprising findings that changed the way we marketed throughout the system.

Todd Neel

Sola Salon Studios

Metric-X has saved me hours each month… I no longer need to take the time to pull several reports into a spreadsheet to measure how we are doing. Metric-X’s dashboard automatically combines the data and presents it in an easy-to-read format

Sherrie Featherly

PresidentMissoula Property Management