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Smart CEOs drive business performance through data, metrics, and solid
The problem is, it’s difficult to make confident business decisions when it is too
difficult to get the data and calculate the metrics

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Simplify analytics and execute business improvements

At Rent Viewer, we believe Real Estate CEOs shouldn’t have to burn time and energy searching for the insights they need.

So, we structured a variety of 1:1 consulting services, tailored to help you lead by data without the stress.

We’ll leverage our systems knowhow, data connectors and our experience working with other property management companies to help you achieve excellence in the Six Vital Areas.

Together, will create and execute a step-by-step plan that ensures you’ll achieve your vision for success.

The result? You’ll get the guidance and accountability you need to make informed, data-driven decisions to take your business to the next level with confidence.

Choose the Service That’s Right for You

Each company is at a different stage in their journey of optimizing and scaling their business. We have three
offers to utilize technology and process thinking to make critical improvements..

Custom Dashboard

If you already know what metrics to track, let us build the dashboard and automate the data refresh


If you know data analytics can help you, but want to learn about the various options, technologies and approaches, purchase a block of consulting hours

RentViewer Enterprise

If you are sold on the value of optimizing the six vital areas and want help making process improvements, using metrics and analytics, sign up for RentViewer Enterprise.

What Clients Are Saying

“Our expectations were exceeded. Visualizing the data gives a better understanding of overall performance, identifying trends, and making certain predictions.

The reports are user friendly and easy to understand even if you are not familiar with the analysis processes. “

Alisa Gelfand

Asset Management and Financial Analyst, GY Properties

“Our ability to review our metrics across our portfolio including rent per unit type per building as well as lease end dates and turn over coming for our maintenance staff has greatly benefited from RentViewer.” Greg Rothermel

VP of Asset Management, NuStyle Development

“We spent several months working with various other companies who could not solve our issues, so ultimately finding RentViewer and working with them was a breath of fresh air. They helped us to find solutions and executed something fantastic.” Sandy Murray

VP of Marketing, Beach Front Property Management

Avoid Data Overwhelm

Avoid Data Overwhelm

Don’t Get Stuck in the Weeds

Get the expert advice you need to make confident, informed business decisions without the stress of complex analytics.