Tableau for Real Estate Analytics

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We will automate the flow of data into Tableau from real estate management systems such as Yardi, Entrata, Rent Manager, Appfolio and more.

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“Data exploration” has a quick payback, and Tableau is the right tool

If you want to write a contract, you will probably use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you want to analyze the financials for a deal, you will probably use Microsoft Excel. If you want to do real estate analytics to understand patterns and anomalies in rent collection, vendor charges, work order completions and other property management activity, Tableau is the best software.


Tableau for Real Estate Analytics

Many of the visualizations in the RentViewer catalog have been built using Tableau. If you have been using Excel pivot tables to slice and dice your data, you should look into Tableau (we are Tableau resellers and can provide you licenses and on-boarding so that you get the most from your investment).


Visualize Real Estate Data and Find Opportunities

Below are visualizations of two reports you are probably used to looking at: the Market Rent Report and the Rent Roll.

These are screenshots from Tableau of analyses we did for a multifamily operator. This customer wanted to ensure that their own buildings weren’t competing against each other, and wanted to set rents based on supply and demand.

Tableau vs Power BI for Real Estate Analytics

A common question is when Tableau is the right tool and when Power BI should be used. The answer is “it depends”. In general, we recommend using Power BI when price is a big deal, pre-built visualizations are sufficient and the users need to interact by selecting filters.

Tableau is far more powerful for ad-hoc data analysis, drilling into the data, analyzing data in many different ways, and truly “exploring” data and uncovering interesting trends, anomalies and patterns.

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