Pre-Built Dashboards Catalog

We offer over 40 pre-built modules that you can rapidly connect to your systems and start monitoring your metrics.

Browse through our Catalog of pre-built modules for examples of dashboards that you could be using to drive your business.


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Actual vs Budget (RV01)

To visually highlight GL Accounts which are above or below budget for the month. Also show historical variance to budget.

Property Metrics (RV02)

This interactive report gives the executive at-a-glance view of over 20 metrics relevant to property operations and financials.

Portfolio Metrics (RV03)

To provide a one-page view of the performance of a group of properties for a selected metric.

Delinquency Analysis (RV04)

To find ways of reducing bad debt by analyzing collections efficiency, receivables, delinquent accounts and bad debt.

Net Cash Flow Dashboard (RV05)

To show Net Cash Flow after adding and subtracting inputs such as income, expenses, escrow, mortgage payments and investor distributions

NARPM Metrics (RV06)

To display the metrics recommended in the NARPM Accounting Standards.

Market Rent Analysis (RV07)

To drill into your Rent Roll and uncover opportunities for optimizing rent and forecasting inventory by unit type

Pre-Lease Analysis (RV08)

To show occupancy for future months so that decisions can be made about spending more on lead generation, running rent specials, increasing the leasing staff and other levers for getting fully leased.


Service Tickets Analysis (RV09)

To improve tenant satisfaction and spending discipline by analyzing service ticket data.

NAA Metrics (RV11)

To display the metrics covered in the NAA CAPS training.

Manufactured Housing Operational Scorecard (RV12)

Interested in tracking operational metrics for your portfolio of manufactured housing communities? Here’s an example of the many metrics that can be tracked. We can automate this for you.

P&L (RV13)

To enable benchmarking of properties by looking at P&L information for all properties

General Ledger Transaction Analytics (RV14)

Visualize your General Ledger activity. To highlight outliers, unexpected activities and missing transactions. The visual format allows for exploration of the data and identifying opportunities for improving operations and margins.

General Ledger Transaction Finder (RV15)

To speed up the Month-End Close process by providing the ability to look into any General Ledger transaction. This dashboard enables the Finance team to validate transactions, confirm they are coded to the correct GL account, review the transaction descriptions, and increases confidence in the quality of the data.

Budget vs Actual With Drill-Down (RV16)

To drive better discipline and prevent surprises in managing to budgets. The Budget vs Actual dashboard helps explain differences in budget vs actual performance for any GL Account.

Vendor Analysis (RV17)

To show how much has been paid to Payees and visually reveal if there are any unexpected transactions

Expense Ratios (RV18)

Ratios are very useful when benchmarking and deciding where to make improvements. In the Expense Ratios module, we have pre-calculated over 20 important ratios. You can compare your properties side by side and see which ones are leaders and laggards in each various metrics.

Expense Analysis (RV19)

Visualize your General Ledger transactions to understand where every dollar is going. Find opportunities to control expenses and budget more accurately.

Leasing Leader Board (RV21)

Display the leasing metric at each property for each leasing agent. This is a great tool to keep your leasing teams focused on the important outcomes and take control of achieving the results they seek.

Social Media Command Center (RV22)

Do you monitor social channels for leads and customer sentiment? The Social Media Command Center is one place to monitor your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts.

Social Media Overview (RV23)

To provide key social metrics on a single page. This will save you time from having to monitor multiple accounts, and also enables colleagues who don’t logins to the social accounts to view the social metrics.

Google Analytics Daily Overview (RV24)

If your website is an important source of leads and tenant engagement, it is useful to know which pages are performing well, where the traffic is coming from, and how you can improve conversion on your website. The Google Analytics Overview module is designed for this purpose.

Operations Meeting Dashboard (RV25)

Do your property teams have weekly or monthly meetings where they review data? The Operations Meeting Dashboard is designed to be used at such meetings.

Net Cash Flow -Property Group (RV31)

Do you calculate Net Cash Flow in Excel each month? For each property? With this module, you can look at the key components of Net Cash Flow for multiple properties on a single page. The data is automatically refreshed.

Net Cash Flow – Sparklines (RV32)

If you want to see Net Cash Flow in a compact visual format for many properties, this module is for you! This module displays the monthly net cash flow for each property using sparklines.

Owner Dashboard (RV33)

Provides a graphical summary of Income and selected Expenses for all of the Properties of an Owner.

Geographic Analysis (RV34)

To show properties on a map and display comparative financial activity.

Property Operations Overview (RV35)

Instead of running 10 different reports to understand the operational performance for a property, wouldn’t it be nice to see the information on one page. This module provides a well-rounded view of operations.

Income and Expenses Per Unit Overview (RV36)

This module provides a financial snapshot by combining selected P&L and Balance Sheet metrics in a single view. The purpose is to display the financial health of a property.

Financial Summary (RV37)

Want to explain to investors how well you are managing the properties? This is a compact financial summary for any selected property.

Occupancy Dashboard (RV41)

To display the supply and demand for units and get a more accurate projection of units available 60 and 90 days out.

Collections Dashboard (RV42)

Making sure that rent gets collected is one of the most important jobs in property management. Keeping track of how much has been collected, and how much remains to be collected isn’t always simple. That’s why we built RV42, the Collections Dashboard

Executive Dashboard (RV43)

The Executive Dashboard was designed around our Property Management Process Model, which looks holistically at the entire life cycle of a tenant, from the initial lead to unit turnover. 

Utility Recapture Dashboard (RV44)

Analyze just how much of utility expenses are being recaptured and find opportunities for improvement.

Weekly Leasing Report (RV45)

At a glance, see how many tours were scheduled and conducted, a breakdown of available units, and how many applications you’ve received.

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