RentViewer Activation From Rent Manager

How to Activate RentViewer

This page provides the steps for activating the RentViewer from within Rent Manager.This will result in RentViewer being able to access your Rent Manager data. This step is required in order to display your metrics in any of RentViewer’s modules.

If you need help, please contact the RentViewer team at 248-601-6400 or

You must have Rent Manager privileges to “Manage Users” to complete this process.

High Level Steps

  1. Find RentViewer in “Available Integrations”
  2. Activate RentViewer
  3. Grant permissions to selected Locations and Properties
  4. Notify Metric-X

1. Find RentViewer in Available Integrations

  • Go to Admin > Setup > Users
  • Select your Admin user.
  • Go to Admin > Available Integrations
  • In the search box type “RentViewer” and hit enter.
  • You can see the Rent Viewer Integration as shown in the screenshot below.

2. Activate RentViewer

  • Locate the Integration “RentViewer” and select Request Activation / Activate
  • A window will appear; enter your name, email, phone, and edit Properties & Bank.
  • Select all Properties & Bank, settings can be changed if needed in the future
  • Select the locations to enable for the integration when initially “Requesting Activation”

3. Grant Permissions to Locations and Properties

  • Now review/adjust the locations enabled Integration Settings under Admin > My Integrations:
  • Properties for the required Locations should be selected.
  • After Reviewing Privileges, select Request Activation / Activate

4. Inform Us

Send an email to when the above steps are completed.

After this, the RentViewer team will continue with extracting data via the API and building your RentViewer modules.