Utility Recapture Dashboard

What is Utility Recapture?

Utility recapture is the process by which real estate companies pay for utilities such as water, electric and gas, and then bill their tenants for these expenses. What they pay shows as an expense in their P&L, and what they collect from tenants is shown as income. The ratio of the income to expense is the Utility Recapture rate.

This dashboard was built to analyze just how much of utility expenses are being recaptured and to enable companies to compare different properties or property groups to find opportunities for improvement.

  • Compare Utility Recapture month over month
  • See how your Utility Recapture is as a whole, or filter by Utility type to see what utilities have the best and worst recapture rates
  • Filter from your entire portfolio down to property groups and individual properties.



Questions Answered

  • What is my Utility Income compared to Utility Expense?
  • How do recapture rates vary across utility type, such as Water, Electric, Gas?
  • Are the recapture rates improving?
Budget vs Actual Dashboard Image

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Utility Recapture Dashboard Example

Delinquency Analysis Dashboard Example
Delinquency Analysis Dashboard Example

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