NARPM Metrics

ID: RV06


To display the metrics recommended in the NARPM Accounting Standards.


NARPM Metrics Dashboard


Are you a NARPM member? Have you adopted the NARPM Accounting Standards? Even if you are not, the RentViewer NARPM Metrics module will provide you industry standard metrics that help you focus on the key drivers of profitability.

These are some of the metrics recommended in the NARPM Accounting Standards:

  • Revenue Per Unit
  • Profit Per Unit
  • Unit Churn
  • Unit Acquisition Cost
  • Direct Labor Efficiency Ratio
  • Property Management Income
  • Property Management Profit Margin
  • Facilities, Other Operating Expenses as % of Revenue
  • Annual Unit Revenue
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Unit Lifetime Revenue
  • Unit Lifetime Profit
  • Unit Lifetime
  • Time to Payback
  • Direct Labor Efficiency Ratio
  • Occupancy at Month End
  • Average Occupancy (12 Month)