Income and Expenses Per Unit Dashboard

Comparing the performance of properties can be very useful.

Comparing how much they are spending on utilities, commissions and maintenance can reveal where there’s room for improvement or a need to dig deeper.

However, such comparisons make sense only when the properties are similar; a community with 250 units is going to generate more rental income and spend more on maintenance than a community with 100 units.

In such situations, comparing the “per-unit” income and expenses is the way to go. And that’s what our RV36 module, “Revenue & Expense Per Unit” is for.


The data for this comes from two sources:

  • P&L for the income and expenses
  • Rental Unit Listing for the # of occupied and vacant units

We pull the P&L at the end of each month, as well as the unit counts at the end of each month.



  • Visually compare ratios such as Rental Income per unit, or Rental Income per vacant unit for selected properties so you can see which ones are performing above average and which are below.
  • Choose the date range for comparison of the performance
  • Choose whether to include all units or only occupied units in the calculation


  • Know which properties to pay attention to (the ones that are under performance compared to their cohort)
  • Find out if the income and expenses per unit are trending upward or downward so you can proactively problems from getting bigger
  • Group similar properties so that comparisons make sense.

Income and Expenses Dashboard Example