General Ledger Transaction Analytics

ID: RV14


Visualize your General Ledger activity. To highlight outliers, unexpected activities and missing transactions. The visual format allows for exploration of the data and identifying opportunities for improving operations and margins.

General Ledger Activity


The visualization in this dashboard is the scatter chart in which each dot represents an individual line item in your General Ledger. On the vertical axis is the transaction amount, and on the horizontal axis is the data. The position of each dot shows the amount and time period of activity. Various filters can be applied in order to reveal activity for a specific GL Account, Property, Customer, Vendor etc.

Questions Answered:

  • What is the range (lowest to highest) of transaction Amounts for Tenant Rental Payments?
  • Have we consistently collected rent each month for 301 Elm Street?
  • Were there any one-time expenses for 301 Main Street last month?