Actual Vs Budget With Drill Down Dashboard

ID: RV20


This module is very helpful for explaining variances between budget and actual. Wouldn’t it be nice to not only see for which GL Accounts there is a high variance between budget and actual, but also be drill down to see the underlying activity that caused the variance?

The module enable drilling down from the Budget Comparison report into the General Ledger.

Actual vs Budget With Drilldown


The Budget vs Actual With Drilldown module combines data from the Budget Comparison Report as well as the General Ledger.

The upper panel shows the budget and actual for each GL Account. The lower panel shows the transactions in the GL Accounts selected above. This is a very helpful report for explaining budget variances.

Questions Answered

  • Which accounts have the highest variance at the portfolio level?
  • For property X, which accounts have the highest variance?
  • What are the largest transactions that caused the variance?