Actual vs Budget Dashboard

Actual vs budget is an important metric for all real estate companies. It provides insights into the financial health of the company by comparing actual performance against budgeted goals. For instance, companies can use it to identify areas where they are performing well and where they need to improve.

Start making data-driven decisions on how to adjust your strategies and optimize operations to meet your financial targets.


Actual vs Budget Dashboard Features

This dashboard helps companies:

  • Visually highlight GL Accounts which are above or below budget for the month.
  • Compare historical variance to budget.
  • Deep dive into months of historical data.
  • Quickly view the budget variance for any GL Account.
  • View amounts individually by the property, group of properties or the entire portfolio.

Questions Answered

  • What’s the actual vs. budget for the current month?
  • Which accounts have the greatest variance?
  • How many accounts have been persistently been over-budget?
  • What is the total variance to budget for the portfolio?
Budget vs Actual Dashboard Image

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Actual vs Budget Dashboard Interactive Demo

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