Real Estate Deal Proformas

When I review metrics with my clients, I also ask how the asset is performing relative to the original real estate deal proformas. Most of the time that question is hard to answer.

We know that as a deal sponsor, if you can demonstrate that the assumptions made in the proformas were realistic, you have a lot to gain. Your reputation as a deal sponsor and opportunity evaluator, as well as long-term profits and cash flow are riding on it.


Real Estate Deal Proformas Buried In Excel Files

The reality is that most proformas are buried in dozens of spreadsheets and are hard to get at.

Being able to chart them alongside your actuals and budgets would be powerful, but for most operators, this is too much work. So, the spreadsheets remain on the hard drive, and the deal assumptions don’t see the light of day.

How can you make continuous improvement as a deal sponsor if you can’t reference these important numbers?




Pulling Deal Proformas Out of Excel

The inability to analyze proformas is not a problem for companies using RentViewer Enterprise. We promote the idea of not just looking at Actual vs Budget, we also want you to be able to look at Proforma vs Actual vs Budget vs Forecast.

When you are a RentViewer Enterprise customer, your data warehouse doesn’t contain only data from the property management system. We also load data from spreadsheets and external sources so that you can run your business. Same goes for the real estate deal proformas.


Interested in Visualizing Proforma vs Actual?

Take a look at RentViewer Enterprise and see if this right for you. If you are a real estate owner operator, you can evolve from Excel to the RentViewer analytics platform, and have our team of analytics and data management specialist support your mission.