RentViewer Enterprise

A full analytics platform managed by us. Flat monthly fee. No long-term contracts.

Get the data analytics capabilities that the largest property management companies and REITs have in place

You know that if your company could fully utilize analytics and metrics, your company would be performing even better. But calculating these metrics can be a tedious job. And the data may not be readily available. “Flying blind” we call it.

If you have been seeking a way to stay on plan, become proactive and handle those blindspots, RentViewer Enterprise has been designed for you to achieve those transformations with ease.

With our proven system you will be enabled to take full control of these SIX essential aspects of your business:


RentViewer Enterprise enables companies to:

  • Visualize their data, see trends, patterns, outliers
  • Easily spot variances, misclassified transactions or unusual activity
  • Have at-a-glance visibility into their key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Drill down from summary to transaction-level data
  • Perform benchmarking and compute proprietary ratios based on actual data
  • Spend less time in Excel and more time uncovering actionable information in their data


RentViewer Enterprise is a complete analytics platform managed by us for you.

  • A data warehouse (containing data from your property management system as well as data from other sources)
  • Data visualization tools (such as Power BI or Tableau), dashboards and reports
  • A suite of pre-built reports and RentViewer modules
  • Ability to create custom property groupings, fiscal calendars, alternative chart of accounts and other perspectives for reporting your data
  • Ability to augment property management system data with externally sourced data such as market rents, benchmarks etc.
  • A data repository that stays with you even when you change systems
  • Access to the Metric-X analytics team for tech support and strategy consultation

The RentViewer Enteprise Architecture

The diagram below shows the technology architecture for enabling your business strategy execution with analytics and metrics.

The data is stored outside of your property management system on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Multiple data visualization tools are available. Additional data sources can be added.

Data is refreshed regularly. Metrics are visible on dashboards in your property offices and on your employees’ computers.

Flat Monthly Pricing Includes

  • The features described above
  • Connectors to Rent Manager
  • Recurring data refreshes
  • System Administration (security, system monitoring, availability etc.)
  • Monthly checkpoints with an Analytics Coach to maximize the value from RentViewer


  • Connectivity to other systems (such as Office365, Google Reviews, Salesforce, other systems with APIs)
  • Custom report and dashboard development
  • Additional software licenses
  • Variable data refresh frequencies
  • Data cleansing and standardization


Database Content

The pre-built solution includes the Rent Manager data listed below. More data from Rent Manager, as well as data from external sources can be added:

Rent Manager Data

  • P&L
  • Balance Sheet
  • Budgets
  • General Ledger Transactions
  • Prospects
  • Service Manager Tickets
  • Leases and Rents
  • Properties and Property Groups

Optional Data

  • Data from Other Property Management Systems
  • Data from Other Systems
  • Custom Property Groupings for Owners/Funds
  • Alternative Chart of Accounts
  • Region, Territory Groupings
  • Market Rents
  • Census Demographic Data
  • Other Externally Sourced Industry Data

You Are Not Alone

Our team keeps the data fresh and removes roadblocks from your ability to visualize your data and optimize your business performance. Team’s services are included in the monthly fee.

What would you do if you had the same analytics infrastructure and expertise that the largest, best-performing property management companies have?

Schedule a free consultation to see if RentViewer Enterprise is right for you.