Real Estate Asset Management Goals and Analytics Go Together

My customers don’t care about the technologies my company specializes in. They don’t care about data analytics. They have asset management goals. What they care about is increasing the value of the assets they manage. Ensuring investors receive distributions. Ensuring the business plan is executed. And more.


Real estate asset management goals

Here’s more about what our customers really want. It might sound like a poem.

They care about the business plans of the assets they manage

They want low delinquency

And high occupancy

Predictable cashflow

And vacancy that remains low

Better lead conversion

And high levels of tenant satisfaction

They don’t have time to understand APIs, dashboards technologies, data warehouses and more

They want high net promoter scores

Control over work order costs

And low vacancy loss

They want efficient work order management

And continuous improvement


Give More Gas or Press the Brakes

As managers of the assets, our customers need the ability to control these outcomes. Or, at least the ability to detect signals so they can decide whether to push on the gas or press the brakes. To spend more on marketing or less. To change the way turnovers are performed. To re-engineer the leasing process, or make minor changes.

They need to be able to proactively take action. Not be reactive.


Why Are Some Companies So Good at Asset Management?

Many companies do real estate asset management very well. They do so because they have experienced people and the right processes, systems and tools. Their asset management teams aren’t exporting data to Excel, creating pivot tables and writing formulas.

They use tools like RentViewer so that questions can be answered easily.


Are you a real estate asset manager?

If you are relying on Excel-based reporting to understand the true metrics and drive asset management goals, you face many risks. Manually updated Excel reports are time-consuming, usually out of date, and don’t give you enough early warning to take corrective actions.

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