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The Expense Control Dashboard can help you plug leaks.

  • Charges you don’t expect might be on auto pay
  • Vendors might be charging you twice for the same service
  • Some unit turns probably went way over budget
  • That storm damage repair ended up costing more than you thought
  • And who approved all those marketing expenses that you didn’t know about?

You get the idea!

“The Expense Visualizer exceeded our expectations. Visualizing the data gives a better understanding of overall performance, identifying trends, and making certain predictions.

The reports are user friendly and easy to understand even if you are not familiar with the analysis processes. “

– Alisa Gelfand, GY Properties


Data analytics is a complex topic. We make it simple through our guided on-ramp. Watch this video to learn about our offer. See the FAQ below to learn more.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Find actual cost saving opportunities by analyzing General Ledger data
  2. Get hands-on exposure to data analytics
  3. Keep the Expense Visualizer for on-going use
  4. No  recurring charges after initial purchase
  5. Money-back guarantee 


Does the offer sound promising? Watch this video to see what you will get after you make the purchase.

In the Video:

  • See how General Ledger data can be “visualized”
  • See how trends, outliers and gaps can be easily identified
  • View transactions in a way that is actionable and leads to cost savings


After viewing the demo, do you see the potential for finding cost cutting opportunities using the Expense Visualizer? Click the yellow button below to make the risk-free purchase.

If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any on-going charges after the initial purchase?


Can I get the visualization customized?

Yes. Depending on what customizations you ask for, there could be an extra charge.

How do I provide you the data?

Export your GL report to Excel. Upload it to the OneDrive link we provide you.

Can I keep the Expense Visualizer?

Yes. If you are satisfied with your purchase, the Expense Visualizer is yours to keep. We will show you how to install it on your laptop and use it..

Will I get any training for using the Expense Visualizer?

Yes. Your purchase includes a one-hour meeting in which we analyze your data together and look for insights. You will be shown how to do the analysis.

If I don’t get any use from the Expense Visualizer, how do I get my money back?

We will ask you to rate your experience using the Expense Visualizer. If you respond with an unsatisfactory rating, we will refund your payment. No questions asked.

Which Property Management Systems will this work with?

Any system. If you use Entrata, Yardi, ResMan, Rent Manager, Appfolio, MRI or any other systems, this offer is valid.

Just make sure that your GL export file conforms to these requirements:

  • Report is in CSV or Excel format
  • Data is in rows and columns
  • No merged cells
  • No rows for subtotals

Don’t worry If your data isn’t in this format. Most likely we can manually shape it.

I have many years of data. How big can the GL file be?

Let’s limit the export file to 100,000 rows.

Tell me what happens after I submit the payment.
  1. We will receive notification that your payment has been received
  2. We will acknowledge your payment
  3. We will send you a link for uploading the GL data
  4. We will send you a link for scheduling the “Expense Analysis” meeting
  5. You will upload your GL data
  6. The Expense Analysis meeting will be conducted (invite your co-workers as well)
  7. You will fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey
  8. That’s all!
$500 seems really low. How do you make money on this offer?

We want to make it simple for prospective customers to experience and appreciate the value of data analytics. Companies that don’t see the usefulness of Expense Visualizer will probably not see the value in any of our other solutions.

So, this introductory offer helps us make sure we are working with companies who are likely to receive high value from our solutions. Starting a customer relationship in this way is a win-win for both of us.

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