Business Diagnostic ("Data Forensics")

Our Business Diagnostic is the simplest way for real estate companies to see results from analytics.

Our analytics solutions enable companies to things like:

  • Control Expenses
  • Optimize Rent
  • Improve Tenant Retention
  • Be Alerted to Variances
  • Make Process Improvements…and much more!

The Business Diagnostic takes the complexity out of analytics.

You bring your ideas and questions. We bring you the technical expertise and together we will analyze the data and help you draft an action plan for making business improvements.

4 Step Process

Meeting 1:

  • Goal Setting
    • Decide what to analyze
    • List your questions
  • Data Prep
    • Get the data
    • Organize the data for analysis

Meeting 2:

  • Data Analysis
    • Build reports
    • Analyze data
  • Q&A

Meeting 3:

  • Data Analysis
  • Action Plan
    • Observations
    • Conclusions
    • Next Steps

Ready to utilize our experience and knowhow for building your company's data analytics competency?