In my work helping property management companies become good at what they do, I frequently use the term “system”. I am always saying that “you can’t become consistently good unless you create systems.”

I am not saying you need a Property Management Software! You need “systems thinking” in property management.

Systems Produce Predictable Output
It takes time and effort to put systems into place. But once you do, you can run your property management company on autopilot. It starts with systems thinking.

Systems Thinking Leads to Repeatable Property Management Processes

What is a system for property management?
A system contains these components:

  • Business Strategy
  • Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customer Feedback
  • Employee Development
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset
  • Metrics and Feedback
Once you have implemented systems, you can run your property management company on autopilot.

Systems Thinking for Building a Scalable Property Management Business

All of these components are needed for becoming good at what you do.
Without systems thinking, it is going to be impossible to create a scalable property management business. It’s hard work, and if you don’t want your business to plateau, you will need to innovate. Hiring more people isn’t the long-term answer.

One way to get started is by asking “what does it take to provide an excellent experience to my tenants?”