Before we can give you a quote for a custom dashboard, we need to gather some information. In this post I will explain how to estimate the cost of a dashboard, and what questions we need to ask in order to build the quote.


How to Estimate the Cost of a Dashboard

We use an estimating sheet like the one shown below to estimate the cost of a dashboard.

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Building a custom dashboard involves a number of activities. Essentially, we need to:

  1. Understand what the customer wants and design the solution (1.1 Analysis & Design)
  2. Build the visualizations (1.2 Dashboard Development)
  3. Automate the pulling of the data from the source systems (1.3 Data Extraction & Loading)
  4. Check the accuracy of the data pulled from the systems (1.4 Data Validation)
  5. Publish the dashboard to the customer’s site, enable security and allocate licenses (1.5 Deploy and Go Live)
  6. Train the users on how to access and use the dashboard (1.6 Training)


Setup Charges and Recurring Charges

In addition to the work done for building the dashboard, there are recurring charges that need to be budgeted for. These include expenses of the software licenses (such as Power BI, Tableau or any other software). Your property management system vendor might also charge a connection fee. And we incur a cost for hosting your data and refreshing it regularly, and we pass this cost on to you.

The diagram below shows were these costs are incurred in the overall solution architecture.

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Hopefully this helps de-mystify our process for how to estimate the cost of a dashboard. Each of the above activities described above involve more detailed steps. We have separate worksheets and procedures for planning, performing and checking the completion of these activities. For example, see this post for a description of how we understand how to spec out your custom metrics.

We are resellers and partners for Tableau, Power Bi and Klipfolio. You can get pricing information here:

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