Entrata and Domo Dashboards

If you use Entrata and want to be able to visualize your data in charts, you can build your own home-grown solution, or purchase a third-party product.

There are two third-party options:


Entrata and Domo have a deep business relationship, and there are investors who have a stake in both companies. You can find more information on the Entrata Domo Dashboards and connector at the link above.


RentViewer and Entrata

RentViewer has an API connector for Entrata.

We’ve written integrations to commonly used data objects such as:

  • Rent Roll
  • Property Pulse
  • Box Score
  • Unit Availability
  • P&L
  • Balance Sheet and more.

For the front-end, RentViewer gives companies the option to use Power BI or Tableau. RentViewer also offers a data warehouse for housing your Entrata data in a reportable format. By contrast, the Domo Entrata connector is useful when Domo is the front-end for data visualization.


Here are the features of the RentViewer Entrata business intelligence solution for real estate companies:

  • Fast implementation (the Entrata data warehouse can be setup within days)
  • Pre-built API connectors
  • Choice of front-end tool: Tableau or Power BI
  • Unlimited customizations to your dashboards
  • Ability to create custom calculations for your metrics, such as prelease, lead conversion ratio, gain to lease, collection velocity and more.
  • Addition of data sources other than Entrata (Excel, CRM software, maintenance software etc.)
  • Infrastructure is hosted and managed for you
  • Help Desk / Tech Support
  • Best practices learned from having worked for over 50 real estate companies

entrata dashboard


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