Why Property Management Companies Use RentViewer

RentViewer customers are property management executives who want to uncover value in their portfolios.

Execute the Business Plan

Our customers want good data and metrics to drive value in their portfolios. When they acquired and developed their properties, they made assumptions that they could make the properties more valuable by running them better, by creating systems to replicate best practices, and by providing good leadership to the teams that take care of their tenants and prospects

The questions they are asking:

  • Are rents in line with market rents?
  • Are we collecting too slowly?
  • Are we going to be writing off too much bad debt?
  • What do our tenants like and don’t like about our brand?
  • How much are we spending to acquire each lead?
  • How good are we at converting leads into applications and into leases?
  • How many units are going to be unleased next month?
  • What’s my cashflow?

One thing such questions have in common is that you need data to answer them.

Problems our customers used to deal with

Our customers came to us because they were dealing with problems like these:

  • Metrics are not instantly visible, so they cannot make timely decisions
  • It is too time consuming to manually calculate and display the key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Having to export data into Excel and then produce reports
  • Inability to visualize trends and outliers in charts
  • Not having a good understanding of key metrics such as delinquency, collections, occupancy, market rent etc makes it difficult to know what areas to focus on
  • Valuable data is stored in complicated spreadsheets, thereby creating risk
  • Data is spread across multiple systems so it is difficult to look at a combined picture in a single report
  • Month-end close takes too long, is tedious, and too dependent on PDF reports and Excel files

“90% of employees don’t know their company’s business strategy”

– Gartner Group

RentViewer Makes Property Management Executives Better Executives

Imagine how much more you could do if you had the ability to drill down into your data and find insights. If you could examine the rent roll by unit type, compare rents to lmarket rents, and tweak your rents,  concessions and marketing spend.

Imagine if you could examine each lead and see how far in the leasing stages it reached and figure out why.

Imagine if you could give your teams targets for key performance indicators (KPI) such as collections, lease-up, unit turnover times etc. and empower them to achieve the targets. If you could do such things and more, you would exceed your business plan. RentViewer can help you do these things and more!