Use Cases

Things you can do with RentViewer

Combine data from multiple reports

RentViewer will consolidate data from multiple reports to enable combined reporting and analytics in scorecards and dashboards.

Automate monthly report creation

Are you exporting data to Excel and creating reports? RentViewer can save you hours every week by automating the flow of data. 

Visualize data and drill-down to transaction detail

Use a powerful visualization tool such as Tableau or PowerBI. Look at trends, do comparative analysis and visualize your data.

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on any device

View your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a phone, tablet or TV. Run productive meetings when your team knows the metrics they are responsible for.

Use a Data Warehouse like the giant companies do

Use a data warehouse to consolidate and harmonize data from many systems. Put data in the hands of your team. Drive accountability and performance. 

Make Process Improvements

Make data-driven process improvements. Streamline your processes. Scale your business.  Develop a reputation for consistent, reliable execution.