Meet the Team

Saad Shah

Customer Success

I am the founder of RentViewer and work on all aspects of the business. I started RentViewer to bring good reporting and the power of data analytics to property management executives.

My priority at RentViewer is to make it very simple and efficient for property management companies to work with us and use our solutions. We strive to provide a lot of educational content, be very approachable, and to offer relevant solutions that are reasonably priced.

Whether you are new to metrics and scorecards or have been using them for a long time, I would like RentViewer to be your go-to team for taking the next step.


I have spent most of my career building custom software solutions in a wide range of industries, including banks, telecom, manufacturing and real estate.

When I’m not looking at charts and software code, I enjoy taking care of my vegetable garden, enjoying the lakes around Michigan, and figuring out how to improve my golf game.

I volunteer on the advisory board of the Decision Information Systems department at Oakland University, as well as other non-profit organizations.

Alyssa Tello

Customer Success

My role at RentViewer is to produce educational content about data analytics for our prospective and current customers.

We want our customers to have a clear understanding of how metrics, scorecards and data analytics can help them run their companies better.

I create articles, case studies, demo videos and more that pertain to data analytics and property management.


I graduated from Wayne State University in April 2020 with a B.S. in Marketing and Advertising.

I am interested in consumer behavior and psychology. In my free time, I enjoy going on adventures, making art, and spending time with friends and family.

Raghu Gandikota

Customer Success

My role at RentViewer is leading our technology team in innovating and building solutions for our customers.

On the RentViewer technology team, I work on building and operating data warehouses, building dashboards and solving complex data shaping problems.

Once you award us your project, I will be responsible for the design, and will oversee the development and testing the backend and frontend components.


I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science in India.

I am interested in learning new technologies and spending time on research and development. I also love to work on different BI tools.

In my free time, I like to travel and explore different places.

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