About RentViewer

RentViewer is a tool for property management executives who want to use data to drive better decision making.

RentViewer is a Product of Metric-X

RentViewer is a product of Metric-X Analytics, a software development and consulting company located in Michigan, USA.

Metric-X’s other products include XLhub (www.xlhub.com), an add-in for Microsoft Excel, and Parking Director, an application for managing parking passes for apartment communities. In addition, Metric-X has custom built many software applications for large companies.

Metric-X was founded in 2000, and specializes in extracting data from systems, building data warehouses, and building dashboards and analytics solutions.Metric-X has customers in property management as well as other industries such as banking, automotive and manufacturing.

Metric-X has been a Tableau Partner since 2013.

Metric-X is also a Klipfolio Partner and Microsoft Partner.

Metric-X is also a Rent Manager Integration Partner.


Metric-X’s Property Management Experience

Metric-X has property management customers in student housing, multifamily management, single family and manufactured housing. The largest client of Metric-X is Taubman, the developer and operator of high-end retail centers. The smallest client manages about 500 units and seeking to systematize their process with metrics and analytics.


How RentViewer Got Started

Metric-X has been providing advanced analytics design and consulting services in many industries. After working with Taubman, our team was exposed to the property management industry. Through our introduction with several property management executives and investors, we realized that smaller and midsized property management firms don’t have access to high-quality, low-cost analytics capabilities.

That was the starting point for RentViewer.


Metric-X is a Rent Manager Integration Partner

Metric-X is a Tableau Partner

XLhub is an Excel addin developed by Metric-X

Metric-X is a Klipfolio Partner