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Why Some Companies Need Analytics

Are you concerned that your business might be ….

  • Leaking money
  • Not converting good leads into leases
  • Being overcharged by subcontractors
  • Not retaining the best tenants
  • Or … do you have a feeling that some other hammer might be about to fall?

The answers probably lie in your data. RentViewer is like an X-Ray that looks at your company’s data and uncovers opportunities and potential problems.

What would you do if you had the best-in-class analytics capability? Use the Value Planner to decide.

Analytics Can Help Change Cultures

Property Management Companies that work with Metric-X will experience these 4 changes:
1. Prevalent use of metrics

2. Consistent awareness of Plan vs. Actual numbers

3. More efficient meetings

4. A simpler and meaningful month-end close process

Is There a Business Case for Analytics?

Before you invest a single dollar in analytics, we recommend you determine if there is a business case for analytics. We have a process for estimating the value you are likely to get from investing in analytics. It is called the “$100K Meeting”.

No Surprises at Month-End!

Metric-X helps Real Estate CFOs keep an eye on their key metrics. No more surprise misses when it’s time to close the books at month-end. Using RentViewer Real Estate KPI Dashboards, CFOs and property management teams can stay focused on their key metrics.

Can Metric-X Help You?

We build solutions for a wide range of needs at a wide range of price points. Our solutions are custom tailored to your requirements.

Find out in 2 minutes if we should talk..

What Keeps Companies From Using Analytics

Property Management companies that want to use analytics to produce results face these 5 roadblocks.

Sounds Complicated?

If you are sold on the value of analytics but think it would require too much of a time commitment for learning the tools and building the infrastructure … the Analytics Workshop is for you.

We will setup your data and do the analysis for you for a flat fee. No need to purchase software licenses or make long-term commitments. Learn more in this video.

Why I Prefer Leading Indicators

A brief explanation of Leading vs Lagging indicators. With examples of metrics for property management companies..

Open vs Closed Systems

When it comes to custom reports and analytics, some systems are easier to work with than others. Learn how to find out if your system is “open” or “closed” for data extraction.

What is a Data Warehouse?

Here is a high-level, non-technical description of what a data warehouse is, and why real estate management companies might want one.

Property Management Process Model

The Property Management Process Model is a simple, customizable framework for describing how work gets done in a property management business. It is part of our Property Management Process Improvement Toolkit.

What Metric-X Does for Real Estate Companies

This is an introduction to our solutions for real estate management companies:

  • What can you do with analytics?
  • What is a data warehouse?
  • How much does a data warehouse cost?
  • How to justify the cost of a data warehouse?

Analytics White Paper (Intro)

I wrote a “white paper” giving an introduction to analytics for real estate companies.

This video summarizes the content of the white paper, which covers:

  • Analytics Defined
  • Why Analytics
  • Examples of Topics and Questions
  • Levels of Analytics Capability
  • Types of Analytics Tools
  • Data Organization for Analytics
  • How to Gradually Get Better at Analytics
  • Data Warehouses
  • Summary