Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see the module I want in the catalog. Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we can build a customized module for you. See the page /Buy/Custom Module or click here to get started.

How do you price RentVeiwer … by company? By number of units? By number of users?

There is no per-unit or per-property pricing! We charge you by the number of modules you subscribe to.

The pre-built modules fall into 3 pricing tiers. The pricing for these takes into account the complexity, amount of data, refresh frequency and other factors.

There is also a charge for each additional Tableau user license.

For custom modules, there can also be a design and development charge.

Can we cancel the dashboard subscription anytime, or is there a long-term commitment?

You can cancel anytime. For some custom dashboards we ask for a 12 month agreement.

How much does RentViewer cost?

We don’t publish the pricing on the website. Please give us a call or schedule a meeting with us. We will walk you through the pricing.

Is there a monthly charge for RentViewer?

For many of our dashboards there is no monthly charge. We will charge you for building your dashboard and turn it over to you.

You might incur monthly charges for licenses for the front-end tool we use (Power BI, Klipfolio, Tableau etc.).

If we need to host a Data Warehouse for you, there will be a monthly charge for that. A Data Warehouse is needed if you will be mining large volumes of data, or if you have data from many different sources that has to be processed for reporting.

The vacancy that’s reported by our property management system is not accurate. Can you do a custom calculation for us?

Yes, we can create custom calculations. For example, excluding some unit types from the vacancy calculation.

Is a license of Tableau or Power BI included in the monthly price?

No. You will pay Microsoft or Tableau directly. How much you pay depends on how many licenses you purchase. We can help you with getting quotes and setting up the licenses.

How can I order a customized dashboard?

We can custom build you a custom dashboard that displays the metrics you want, calculated the way you want. See the page /Buy/Custom Module for more information.

We need to get a better understanding of our delinquency. Can we hire you to analyze the data for us?

Yes. Look at our Business Diagnostic services. Companies hire us to drill into their data to analyze topics such as

  • Delinquency
  • Collections
  • The Rent Roll,
  • Service Tickets,
  • Lead Management
  • General Leger

Also see the demo videos for examples.

My company uses Rent Manager. How can I activate RentViewer from within Rent Manager?

RentViewer can be activated from within Rent Manager. Please see the steps on this page:


What's included in the monthly charge for a data warehouse?

The monthly charge for a data warehouse includes:

  • Regular refreshes of the data by connecting to your systems
  • Hosting of your data
  • Tech support
What's the connection between RentViewer and Metric-X?

Metric-X is the company, and RentViewer is one of its products. Metric-X services customers in many industries and provides a broad array of data management solutions. 

RentViewer is the brand name for the solutions for the Real Estate Management industry.