How It Works

Designed for Customization

For a Range of Budgets

We designed RentViewer to give our customers options for using data analytics technology.

Our customers are at different points in their analytics journey. Some want simple, inexpensive summary level dashboards that are updated once per month. Others want the full power of data analytics and want to visualize millions of data points across their portfolios.

RentViewer can meet any of these needs and budgets.

RentViewer Architecture

The diagram below shows the components of RentViewer.

When we create a quote for you, we will take into account the amount of customization required in each of these components.


Component Purpose Technology Options
1. Connector Enables RentViewer to connect to the property management system
  • RentViewer connector for Rent Manager API
  • RentViewer connector for Entrata API
  • Direct SQL Query (possible for several property management systems)
  • Export to Excel


2. Data Extractor Pulls the right data out of the property management system
  • Custom developed for the type of data, amount of data, refresh frequency etc.
3. Database Stores the data so that it can be easily queried and displayed in dashboards and reports.


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
4. Data Model Database tables organized for specific types of reports (for example, delinquency analysis, operations snapshot, GL drill-down etc.)
  • SQL code written by RentViewer team
5. Reports and Dashboards Reports and dashboard built within the data visualization tool
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Klipfolio


Your Data, Your Gold Mine

We believe that your company’s data should not be locked up in the systems you have subscribed to.

Having your general ledger, leases, leads and proformas in a standalone database gives you power.

You can mine that data to find opportunities to drive NOI and long-term value

Property acquisitions and dispositions can be handled seamlessly

You will not be beholden to any one property management system, and can use “best in class” software for each business function