The Importance of Metrics and Data Analytics to Property Management

Break Through Operational Roadblocks …

Having worked with over 50 owner operators, these are the five aspirations important to them:
1. Strong financial performance (NOI, Cashflow)
2. Motivated employees and a great team environment
3. Happy tenants who rave about the brand
4. Happy investors who continue to trust
5. Work / life balance for the founder / principal

… By Looking at Root Causes and Weaknesses

If any one of the five aspirations are not as you want them to be, then it could be because …
1. Some or many processes are broken
2. There’s a lack of training or people development
3. There’s lack of visibility of the metrics that predict NOI and cashflow
4. Goals, priorities and tasks are not being communicated efficiently
5. The founder / principals are spending more time working in the business instead of on the

The Cost of Broken Processes

Many real estate companies struggle with inefficient processes.
The CEO drains time and energy by having to spend most of the time working IN their business instead of ON it.

Their broken processes lead to:

Unsustainable Financial Performance

Irritated Investors

Overworked Employees

Frustrated Tenants

Lack of Work / Life Balance

Changing the Status Quo Starts with a Process Improvement Plan

The Process Improvement Plan Comes First.

Metrics and Analytics Follow

Metrics are used to measure progress towards goals. The metrics being tracked should be relevant to the opportunities you are trying to seize or the issues you are trying to fix.

Analytics means looking at data to lean what’s working and what’s not. Understanding the root cause of issues sometimes requires drilling into data, such as the rent roll, aged receivables, expense transactions, service tickets and more.

Achieve Excellence in the Six Vital Areas of Property Management

We believe that excellence in these six areas is vital to continued growth and the prosperity you
desire to create.
The RentViewer Framework is designed to solidify the processes that result in long-term NOI,
cashflow, a strong balance sheet as well as happy tenants, employees and investors.

Increase Your Awareness of the Leading Indicators of NOI and Cashflow

We will build a game plan to make visible the important metrics that are the predictors of NOI,
cashflow, customer satisfaction and other key performance metrics

Thinking About Scheduling the Free Process Checkup?

Ready to take the first step to scale your business without unnecessary sidetracks or costly trial and error?

Our framework takes CEOs like you on a
transformational journey.

We’ll help you establish repeatable processes, track the metrics that matter, and review progress each month.

Using this data, your team will fix broken
processes so you can focus on strategy, culture and growth.

The First Step is to Schedule the Free Process Checkup


Our first meeting:

The purpose of our first meeting is to provide you information so you can decide if RentViewer can help you.

We will use our questionnaires to pinpoint the areas that need most attention and to define what success will look like.


Pricing, Terms and Conditions

At the first meeting we will also provide you information you need to estimate the cost of our program and evaluate the costs and benefits.



Take Back Your Time

What Clients Are Saying

“Our expectations were exceeded. Visualizing the data gives a better understanding of overall performance, identifying trends, and making certain predictions.

The reports are user friendly and easy to understand even if you are not familiar with the analysis processes. “

Alisa Gelfand

Asset Management and Financial Analyst, GY Properties

“Our ability to review our metrics across our portfolio including rent per unit type per building as well as lease end dates and turn over coming for our maintenance staff has greatly benefited from RentViewer.” Greg Rothermel

VP of Asset Management, NuStyle Development

“We spent several months working with various other companies who could not solve our issues, so ultimately finding RentViewer and working with them was a breath of fresh air. They helped us to find solutions and executed something fantastic.” Sandy Murray

VP of Marketing, Beach Front Property Management

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