Pre-Lease Analysis

ID: RV08


To show occupancy for future months so that decisions can be made about spending more on lead generation, running rent specials, increasing the leasing staff and other levers for getting fully leased.


Student Housing Prelease Tracker


 This is a particularly useful module for Student Housing, where August is a critical month for getting units leased. It is also applicable for multifamily, manufactured housing and commercial and any company that has inventory that needs to be leased by a deadline. 

By looking at units available and units leased for a target date, we keep an eye future occupancy. Making this number visible to the marketing and leasing teams provides focus. Done the right way, this can motivate teams and provide clarity to managers on the priorities.

Questions Answered

  • What is our occupancy for each property for August 2020?
  • How many leads do we need to generate next month in order to reach our lease-up target for August?
  • Should we shift staff or bring temporary help to the properties that are falling short of their lease-up targets?