Net Cash Flow Sparklines Dashboard

ID: RV32


If you want to see Net Cash Flow in a compact visual format for many properties, this module is for you! This module displays the monthly net cash flow for each property using sparklines.

Real Estate Net Cash Flow Visual


Mortgage payments, investor distributions, replacement reserves and other such events can cause highs and lows in cash flow charts, and this module is designed to highlight such activity.

By graphically displaying the net cash flow trend for several properties, it draws the viewer to question what caused the highs and lows. This has a positive effect of paying more attention to one of the most important metrics for property investors and property managers.

Questions Answered

  • What has the trend been for each property?
  • Are there any peaks and valleys in the prior 12 months?
  • Is the trend positive or negative?
  • Can the highs and lows be explained by one-time events?