Work Order Analysis

ID: RV09


To improve tenant satisfaction and spending discipline by analyzing service ticket data.


Property Management Work Order Analytics


 Maintenance services and other customer service requests are key to delighting customers, getting good reviews, and building a strong brand. However, these services are also a driver of expenses, so there’s a strong need for a balance between providing excellent service and controlling expense.

The RentViewer Service Ticket module displays how much time was spent on service tickets, which properties and tenants are generating the most service calls, and what types of requests are most prevalent each month. By overlaying expense information, the module provides insight on opportunities for controlling expenses without compromising quality of service.

Questions Answered

  • What is the volume of service tickets across properties?
  • How much are we spending on service tickets?
  • Is there any waste or fraud in the delivery and payment of maintenance services?
  • Are we budgeting accurately for tenant service expenses?
  • Do our forecasts take into account seasonality and upcoming one-off occurrences?