ID: RV13


To enable benchmarking of properties by looking at P&L information for all properties

Property Management Profit and Loss


Imagine if all of your P&L statements for every month for every property were in a single data set, and you had the ability to examine and compare any GL Account, date range and property. This capability can yields huge dividends because it opportunities for improving income and expenses can be revealed.

The RentViewer P&L module is designed to show trends and comparisons of income and expenses of your properties. Using the filters, one can look at selected properties and selected GL Accounts and see where the money is going and why some properties are performing better than others. 

Questions Answered

  • What expenses categories are rising faster than others?
  • Which properties are trending negatively for NOI?
  • Which properties have the best ratio of marketing expense to total income?
  • Which properties have the highest maintenance expense per unit and what is the trend?