NAA Metrics

ID: RV11


To display the metrics covered in the NAA CAPS training. 

National Apartment Association NAA Metrics Dashboard


 The National Apartment Association CAPS (Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor) training covers financial budgeting and reporting.

More information is here: NAA CAPS Module 2

The metrics include:

  • LTV (Loan to Value)
  • DCR (Debt Coverage Ratio)
  • GPR (Gross Potential Rent)
  • LTL (Loss/Gain to Lease)
  • VAC (Vacancy, Concession and Collection Losses)
  • EGI (Effective Gross Income)
  • OI (Other Income)
  • GOI (Gross Operating Income)
  • OE (Operating Expense)
  • CE (Capital Expense)
  • RRA (Replacement Reserves)
  • DS (Debt Service)
  • NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • CF (Before Tax Cash Flow)