General Ledger Transaction Finder

ID: RV15


To speed up the Month-End Close process by providing the ability to look into any General Ledger transaction. This dashboard enables the Finance team to validate transactions, confirm they are coded to the correct GL account, review the transaction descriptions, and increases confidence in the quality of the data.

General Ledger Transaction Search


Is your General Ledger report a 50 page PDF? Imagine if your GL transactions could be displayed in an interactive view with filters and search capability. The General Ledger Transaction Finder provides the the ability to filter and display only desired transactions in the General Ledger report.

The Comment text can be searched.

Questions Answered

  • Show only Expense transactions where Amount is greater than $1,000
  • Show all transactions where Payee is “Home Depot”
  • Show all transactions for in March 2016 where the Comment contains “walmart”