Consulting Services

We make it simple for real estate executives to use analytics to execute their business plans.

Here are useful services to help you learn about metrics, analytics technology, and how to justify an investment in data analytics for your real estate company.


Process Improvement Toolkit

What: A workbook and method for identifying weaknesses in your property management processes. It uses our “Property Management Process Model” to diagnose process defects and create an improvement plan.

Ideal For: Executives that want to build a scalable property management business and focus on process improvement.


Analytics Strategy

What: A process for making sure your company will realize value from its investment in analytics. We will help you build a plan, identify roadblocks, select technology, and estimate the cost for realizing your vision.

Ideal For: Executives who want a plan and budget before spending money on software and labor.


Analytics Coaching

What: A coaching program on how to build out your analytics infrastructure and get your asset management, operations and finance teams go beyond the limitations of Excel.

Ideal For: Executives who want to build an analytics platform but don’t want to outsource it.


Business Diagnostic ("Data Forensics")

What: We take your data (such as rent roll, work orders, general ledger activity etc.) and plug it into an analytics tool to find insights. See our “Demo Videos” for examples.

Ideal For: Executives who want to mine their data to find where money and opportunity might be being wasted.


Scale 123

What: A coaching and consulting program for company founders who want to build a scalable business. Using “systems thinking” and data analytics, we help you build an organizational structure, processes and scorecards to make work predictable and increase throughout.

Ideal For: Owner / Operators who are too busy dealing with operational issues and want to achieve work / life balance. 

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