Consulting Services

If you would like someone to analyze your data for you, and don’t want to pay for software licenses, or sign up for on-going subscriptions, then our analytics consulting services are right for you.

Analytics consulting services are the simplest way to see results from analytics. We conduct “Analytics Workshops”  where we combine your business knowledge with our data management and data analysis expertise.

The goal of the workshop is to answer a set of questions using data extracted from your systems

The questions can be on any topic of your choice. Examples of data we are asked to analyze are rent roll, delinquency and collections, and service ticket activity.

Data Analysis Workshops

The workshops focus on analyzing your data to answer questions and validate assumptions. The workshops are typically conducted over three meetings.



Meeting #1: Planning



We work with you to determine what questions you want to be answered from your data

Duration: 1 hour

Method: WebEx


Meeting #2: Analytics Session


This meeting happens after the Metric-X team has received your data, imported it into RentViewer, and prepared the analysis to address your questions

During the meeting, we will visualize the data, look at patterns, drill down into interesting data points, and try to understand what story the data is telling

Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Method: WebEx


Meeting #3: Review, Conclusion


This meeting follows up on the analytics session and we jointly summarize the findings

Any action items from the prior meeting are addressed before this meeting, and the key reports are reviewed again

Follow up tasks are defined

The workshop is concluded

Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Method: WebEx

What can you use analytics for?

Below are some examples. Download the Analytics Value Planner to prioritize your options.

Looking for ideas on how to use analytics? Download the Analytics Value Planner.