Analytics Coaching

Some companies want to build out their analytics capability on their own.

They just need some help.

Information technology projects don’t always go smoothly. So, if you are planning to build your own data warehouse, and your own dashboards, and have your employees manage the servers and provide help desk support, it might be a good idea to have a guide or a coach.
Our analytics coaching services are designed to save you time and money that you would burn learning from trial and error.

The coaching services are designed around these initiatives:


Analytics Strategy

Ideal For: Companies that want to have a plan and rough cost estimate before investing in analytics.

Dashboard Development

Ideal For: Companies that want to build dashboards on their own. With the help of templates and checklists we use internally, we will guide your team as it plans and builds its first dashboard.

Power BI / Tableau Training and Support

Ideal For: Executives who want their asset managers and knowledge workers to transition beyond Excel to Power BI or Tableau in the most efficient manner.

We will tailor a syllabus and guide your team on building dashboards and reports until they gain enough confidence to proceed on their own.


Data Warehouse Development

Ideal For: Real estate management companies that don’t have prior experience building a data warehouse.

Data warehouses can be simple or complex and without experience, you can make costly mistakes.

Our consultants help you plan, design and build your data warehouse and then, hand it off your team to operate it and expand it.

Ready to utilize our experience and knowhow for building your company's data analytics competency?