Consulting Services

We will help you build a plan, identify roadblocks in your current systems, select appropriate technology, and accurately estimate the cost for realizing your vision.


Simply purchase a block of consulting hours and utilize the hours for brainstorming, training or any of the offers listed below.

Ready to utilize our experience and knowhow for building your company's data analytics competency? 


Here are examples of services  you can hire us for with the block of consulting hours:


Create a Process Improvement Plan

What: Your process improvement plan should drive what metrics you are tracking. Use our “Property Management Process Model” to diagnose process defects and create an improvement plan. Use it to define the metrics to monitor.

Ideal For: Executives that want to build a scalable property management business and focus on process improvement.


Define an Analytics Strategy

What: Let’s make sure your company will realize value from its investment in analytics. We will help you build a plan, identify roadblocks, select technology, and estimate the cost for realizing your vision.

Ideal For: Executives who want a plan and budget before spending money on software and labor for data analytics.


Analytics Capability Assessment

What: Have you already started investing in data analytics and hit roadblocks?  Hire us to review your team’s capability and the work performed so far. We will provide our recommendations for building out your analytics infrastructure, completing any stalled projects, and ensuring your teams are actually using the dashboards that have been built.

Ideal For: Executives who want an unbiased review of their existing analytics capability and a game plan for moving forward.


Business Diagnostic ("Data Forensics")

What: We take your data (such as rent roll, work orders, general ledger activity etc.) and plug it into an analytics tool to find insights. See our “Demo Videos” for examples.

Ideal For: Executives who want to mine their data to find where money and opportunity might be being wasted.


Get Cost Estimates

What: There are lots of tradeoffs to be made when selecting technology and buying services (data hosting plans, connection charges, service contracts etc.).

We are available to provide you cost estimates for various options so that you can decide the most feasible options for moving forward with data analytics technology.

Ideal For: Executives who have lots of ideas they are considering and would like to understand the approximate cost of various options.


See Demos

What: At some point you will have decide which technologies will be right for you: Tableau vs Power BI, high level KPI dashboards vs serious data mining. We can clear the mystery by creating customized demos that help you see the products you are considering. 

Ideal For: Executives who want to see customized demos of software and solutions prior to purchasing.

Ready to utilize our experience and knowhow for building your company's data analytics competency?